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The Mingo Morvin's Photography Team

An introduction to the people that support Mingo Morvin Photography.

Libby Craver

Libby at the Grand Canyon Libby Craver, Mingo’s oldest daughter, is the managing editor for the Attu's Adventures book series and the Mingo Morvin Photography website. She owns and runs Written Designs, a Technical Publications company that produces a variety of technical, training and marketing publications. At night, when she’s not reading about Attu’s newest adventure, she’s cooking for her husband, Steve, going for runs with their dog, or cuddling with their two cats.

Steve Craver

Steve on Route 66 Steve Craver is the acting webmaster and programmer for the Mingo Morvin Photography website. He works as a systems administrator and dot Net progammer for the Teachers Health Trust in Las Vegas, NV, where he spends his time keeping the computer systems running, maintaining the company websites and occasionally attempting to cut his finger off (variety is the spice of life). Life outside of the workplace finds him eating whatever Libby, his wife, has prepared for dinner, watching her run with the dog and scaring the two cats by yelling at the television during football games.

Crystal and Rob House

Crystal and Rob in Southern CA Wine Country Crystal House, Mingo’s youngest daughter, helped Mingo Morvin Photography get off the ground. She put together the first version of their website, began data basing all Mingo’s photos and made many of the first contacts at the photo stock houses. Currently, Crystal helps review the Attu's Adventures books and assists with special projects. Her husband, Rob, provides advice and recommendations on equipment. Crystal and Rob live in Las Vegas, NV with their dog and two cats.